Why LinkedIn Messaging Is Better Than Cold Emails

Why LinkedIn Messaging Is Better Than Cold Emails

Traditional cold sales through cold calling and spamy emails is killing sales worse than COVID-19 right now. Statistics says, out of 1000 emails you’ll get 2-5 customers to convert. That means you burn a lot of bridges.

The real question sales team should be asking themselves right now is how can we reach potential customers with a much higher conversion rate? 

Using LinkedIn as a first touch point in your outreach flow is the warmest way to start as it’s the most personal channel. The open rate of LinkedIn messages is at 100% as everyone sees the message of a connection request by default.

So, how do you craft an effective LinkedIn message? 

  • Keep the first message short and open up for conversation. Don’t go out too pushy on your first message, make it a conversation starter and open up for opportunities.
  • Understanding the receivers pain points that solves a problem for them and/or gives them value is something that they can’t ignore.
  • Ensure that you use the prospects name, mention something regarding their industry/company and build a personalized message. 

How can you save time doing this efficiently?

At Zaplify, we work with automation of outreach and prospecting. This is what our sales modules looks like: 

  • First, we give you a file with laser-targeted prospects OR you can give us prospected data in a CSV file if you like. 
  • We enrich the prospects you have chosen OR we can enrich the prospects you already have.
  • Day 1, of automation, we make a profile visit to the prospect. 
  • Day 2, we like the prospects latest post. 
  • Day 3, a personalized connection request is sent to the prospect.
  • Day 6, we make another profile visit, as a reminder. 
  • Day 7-20, If the prospects doesn’t give response, automated emails with follow up emails are sent to increase chances to get the potential customer hooked.

With monetized automation you will save time and money. Zaplify lets you target high quality prospects through access to several 100 million companies & prospects. Through our automation engine we allow customers to automates sales outreach not only on LinkedIn, but on Email and Twitter simultaneously. The more channels you communicate on, the higher hit rate. By combining many platforms, the hit rate dramatically increases.

We’d love to hear more about you’re sales needs, all you have to do is