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We are the fastest growing sales platform in Europe. We have helped +100 clients grow their business within days. We help executives, sales- and marketing teams to generate more revenue through connecting them with warm prospects.

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We help executives, sales teams & individuals generate more revenue
through connecting them with warm prospects.

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Zaplify eliminates manual and repetitive sales processes

Search and engage with more than 600 million decision makers through automated prospecting and multi-channel outreach.

Connect with decision makers

Zaplify will help you find companies similar to the clients you work with today. We will then connect you with each company's decision maker.

Multichannel outreach

Automated messaging through Email and LinkedIn will help you start conversations at scale.


Zaplify is the modern way of acquiring customers

The Traditional Way

It all started with cold and manual sales 15 years ago. To this day cold calls & manual emails are sales practices we use but this has been watered down and doesn’t scale. It’s a lot of copy & paste, hoping that someone has 5 minutes open for a chat.

The Impossible Way

Through new technology companies have created tools that could simplify and automate a lot in sales & marketing. Growth hackers have tried to implement 10s of tools to the salespeople but working with so many tools becomes too complex to handle.

The Zaplify Way

These 2 problems are exactly why we created Zaplify. It’s one tool that democratizes the growth hacking process, now you can use one tool for your entire acquisition process that is super simple.

Helping businesses generate customers

Zaplify is a vital factor in our lead generation process where we get 500% ROI on our investment.

Timmy Lundin
CSO & Partner at Sysarb

We’re paying €50 per qualified meeting - and this doesn’t account for the amount of time we’re saving either.

Niklas Busck
Head of Sales at Life Inside

We felt safe working with you because you understood the importance of privacy in our business.

Lesley Kiernan
Business Development Director at StageZero

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Oscar Collins

Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer

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Global Business Development

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Global Business Development

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Global Business Development

Study based on 10 Zaplify clients working through 100 prospects each through email as a single channel tactic. The response rate resulted in 6.5%.

Another study based on 10 Zaplify clients working through 100 prospects each, but supported with LinkedIn. Response rate resulted in 33.8% which is almost 5x more in comparison with email as a single channel tactic.

More reasons to love Zaplify Automations

Go further with features that give you more power, flexibility, and control.

Template approach

Templates based on best practices to help you set up your outreaches.

Performance Analytics

Get actionable insights on campaign performance to make better decisions.

Manage Blocklists

Block organizations & prospects that you don’t want your team to contact.

Team Work

Team collaborations for easier alignment and better sales results.

CRM Integrations

Connect your workflows with ease for syncing prospect data quickly.

Lead Inbox

Never miss an important lead. Get notified when prospects reply.