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David Stenström, Milient Software

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Stuck in the cold?

95-99% of all cold emails go unanswered.* You’re wasting time on the wrong people
– or not enough on the right ones.

It’s just hard to tell the difference.

Because all that glitter isn’t gold.
And gold doesn’t always glitter...

*Source: Hubspot’s Cold Email Average

Thaw possibility into 6,7x more* opportunity

Cold outreach success starts at the receiver. But follow-ups determine if you hear back.

Our findings

Two teams of 10 engaged 10,000 matches each
via email or cross-channel until results tapered off.

TEAM 1: Email only

3X single-touch points
= 6.5% response rate

TEAM 2: LinkedIn + Email​​

*6X Multi-touch points
= 33.8% response rate


Persistence paid off & multiplied across channels

– for a 580% difference between the teams.

"I’ve used Zaplify for 2 years.
It’s the best tool for prospecting.
Alexandra Lindell, Pineberry

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The trick behind Zaplify’s “auto-magic”

Zaplify’s contextual AI starts conversations in 3 simple steps…

1. It gets to know you

It scans your website to learn
more about you & what you do.

2. It shows who’s & who

It pairs you with decision-makers
from ideal companies & roles in 600M.

3. It drafts your flow​

It drafts a personalized multi-step
workflow of what they want to know.

Just tweak it until it sounds like you. Because nobody can automate your magic.

Let Zaplify deliver opportunities at scale for you so you can make more moves.
It’s one-on-ones reaching hundreds…​

“It’s like cloning myself.”

Nils Törnström, GetReda

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Timmy Lundin
CSO & Partner at Sysarb

Everything you need & nothing you don’t

Zaplify was born out of fixing the problems of other sales tools 
– and taking away anything that could get in your way.

It’s that simple.

Our success started
with people like yours

Our Success Support is always there to help you succeed 
& answers the call whenever you need it.

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Skender Maloku
Swedish Startup Recruitment

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