LinkedIn Automation: The Do’s And Dont’s

LinkedIn Automation: The Do’s And Dont’s

LinkedIn is the only social platform that serves so many needs. It has over 500million users and is probably the most powerful tool when it comes to B2B sales and marketing. Sales and marketing people use LinkedIn to reach their targeted audiences and get countless of leads and close hot deals for their businesses. The future is here and people have started to find that automating sales and marketing processes on LinkedIn can increase their revenue and save them a lot of time. But there are some “rules” to follow if you want to be successful doing automation. In this article, we’ll go through some valuable do’s and don’ts to make your LinkedIn automation on point.

But first, 3 major key things before you even start to automate on LinkedIn

There are some things you should put on your checklist before starting the automation process.

  • What is your main objective?
    Having a clear picture of what it really is you want to achieve with your sales and marketing is key. You can’t start your journey without having major goals and a destination.
  • How will you deliver your message?
    When you have a plan of what your goals are and how to achieve them, make sure you have a great plan, step by step on how you will reach out to your potential customers so your message is perceived in their ears the right way.
  • Make sure you are portrayed the way you want to be
    Before reaching out to your targeted audience, double check your content. If you were the receiver of your own outreach, how would you receive the message? See it from your potential customers eyes

When you’ve checked the checklist, you can start to think about these Do’s and Dont’s:

DO profile Extraction

A great LinkedIn automation tool is to scrape information from your targeted prospects. This means the tool goes through the list of your targeted prospects and collects data from them. It gives you valuable information about their work, education, skills, interests, mutual connections and so on. This can be a powerful source to how you should treat and engage with your potential customer.

DO automate repetitive tasks

Finding prospects that can turn into hot leads within your niche is a repetitive task that you can automate. Don’t waste time and money trying to search for potential customers yourself. Your time should be spent on creating value, like crafting valuable, personalized messages that you want to reach out with to your prospects. When these messages are crafted, automation can help you reach out to your laser-targeted prospects with your valuable message. You create the valuable cornerstone content and the automation tool helps you to reach out with it.

DO schedule your posts

You create your valuable posts yourself but automating the scheduling process is something that will save you time. There are some days and hours your targeted audience will be more active online, make sure to schedule on these times so they don’t miss out on what you have to say. Post often. The posts must contain value but if you’re not reminding your audience about you frequently, they will soon forget about you. It’s when they see you frequently they will start to print in your brand in their minds.

DON’T be salesy

Sounding like a sales-bot in your outreach will not get you far. There is nothing more irritating than getting a message from someone who sound like a salesman and wants nothing but to sell, whatever it is. It’s all about building trust and bring actual value. Don’t come with offers from first touch point. Be smart when crafting your outreach messages.

DON’T spam

Automating messages is one of the greatest and most powerful tools with LinkedIn automation. But it’s only powerful to those who use this tool the right way. Too many messages and follow ups will only annoy people. This will have a negative impact on you and your brand. Give your prospects time to answer. If you gave them something that was valuable to them from your first touch point, they will get back to you.