Acquire customers through proven best practices.

Customers never forget their initial contact with a sales rep. With Zaplify’s automations, you nurture the customer’s interest in your offer by building a more personal relationship.

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How Zaplify helps automating sales acquisition

Warm sales acquisitions are time-consuming, but they don’t have to be with automations. Set up and run multiple, personalized messaging campaigns with ease.

Easy to use

User-friendly. Customer support. Tutorials. Onboarding system. Easy to collaborate. Zaplify is for everyone.

Highly Reliable

A safe platform to find prospects and start conversations.


Average time saved: 50 hours monthly / user. Zaplify is where sales happen without the need of putting in the extra hours.

Pick and modify your campaign actions your way

Pick Template from our Library

Don’t start from scratch, save precious time down the line, and turn best practice into standard practice with our range of pre-made templates for different occasions.

Adjust Template Actions

Edit your actions including sending follow-up emails separately or in a thread, automating or semi-automate LinkedIn actions, and much more.

Personalized outreach on autopilot

Personalize Your Messages

Maximize response rates by personalizing emails and messages with snippets. Just pick and drag the snippets into your messages and let the automations do the rest.

Triggered Follow-ups

Triggered actions will help you follow up and remind your prospect about your offer. Customize the wait time to have it sync with how long you want your sales acquisition to perform.

Keep all sales campaigns streamlined and on track

Schedule Campaign Activity

Sending messages or requests at random times doesn’t look realistic, so make sure your automation schedule matches your normal work hours to increase response rates.

Reveal Performance Insights

See how all your campaigns are progressing in real-time and track your entire sales funnel for valuable hidden conversion insights which you can act on with confidence.


Access and manage prospects effortlessly

Zaplify isn’t just another automation vendor, we take an entirely different approach when it comes to sales acquisition. Our workstation provides the intelligence you need at every step of the funnel, including prospecting management.

Zaplify Prospector

Set up a search for your preferred target — and Prospector will return with full profiles for you.

Add by domains

CSV files go through a verification process to scrape and ensure you all sources are valid.

More reasons to love Zaplifys automations

Go further with features that give you more power, flexibility, and control.

Template approach

Templates based on best practices to help you set up your outreaches.

Performance Analytics

Get actionable insights on campaign performance to make better decisions.

Manage Blocklists

Block organizations & prospects that you don’t want your team to contact.

Team Work

Team collaborations for easier alignment and better sales results.

CRM Integrations

Connect your workflows with ease for syncing prospect data quickly.

AI Assistant

Craft copy that converts. Your AI co-pilot knows what works.