The power of multi-channel outreach when having a strong value proposition

The Company:

Touchtech, a leading SaaS platform within the Fashion Apparel industry, is enabling salespeople to connect, present and do business with their customers in a modern way. It’s designed for use in retail stores and wholesale, with the aim of driving more profitable operations. 

The Challenge: 

David Gagner, Chief Commercial Officer at Touchtech, was kind enough to share his story on how Zaplify became a vital sales tool in their sales process. 

What challenges were you facing before you decided to look for a lead generation tool? 

At the time, we had a very refined CRM – thousands of contacts, but we were lacking a structured outreach process. I decided to design my own sales process where the ambition was to test a standardized message at scale. I created a sales pitch, hired 4 SDRs and armored each of them with a Zaplify license. Zaplify became our catalyst to not only find the right decision maker, but also to reach out to each one in a time-efficient manner. We were able to quickly create qualified prospecting lists and automate our outreach. 

What was the main thing you were looking for when you decided to pursue a tool? 

I used to use Qualifier back in 2018, at the time, it worked well. However, as the sales-tech industry developed, “direct email” campaigns became too generic and decision makers were able to identify whenever it was an automated tool sending the message. I was looking for something that had a fine balance between automated and personnel, a semi-automated solution. A 100% email only sequence won’t convert, while a 50% semi-automated sequence will at least give the opportunity for a senior sales person to close the deal. 

What type of tools had you previously used?

Qualifier, Growthtonics and the email functionality in HubSpot. 

How did you find out about Zaplify? 

It was actually a growth consultant, Daniel Ni****, who recommended Zaplify. I figured it must be worth exploring if the recommendation came from a professional! 

What made you decide that Zaplify was worth the investment? 

To be fully transparent, I’d seen the power of Qualifier in the past so I knew what Zaplify was capable of – it was a no brainer to proceed with you guys. 

The Solution 

How has Zaplify helped you solve the challenges you had?

It’s solved many of the repetitive manual processes which we had challenges within. It’s clear that you guys have a product strategy where you release new features and quickly improve them as users feedback on the product – I’m an early adopter and impressed by how quickly the industry is moving. The UX is simple and our team is more effective in their outbound efforts. 

Who uses Zaplify in your team? 

All of our Sales Development Representatives. Each sales person has their own market segment which they pursue within Fashion Apparel. 

What results have you achieved with Zaplify? 

The majority of our best meetings have originated from Zaplify data. This is what I love about the tool, the introductions and opportunities for our wider team. 

How has your overall experience been with Zaplify? 

To put it simply, it’s been great. The continuous customer support and guidance in how to creatively apply messaging across different campaigns has been crucial to our success.

Would you recommend Zaplify? If so, what would you say? 

Yes, definitely! We have a very clear Ideal Customer Profile which allowed us to quickly launch our campaigns and gain value. Our value proposition is clear which also helped us gain traction quickly in our first campaigns.

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David Gagner

Chief Commercial Officer - Touchtech

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