Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

Meet Petter Andersson, the dynamic force behind Homerun Customer Experience, a consulting firm specialising in enhancing customer interactions. Launched just six months ago, Petter’s venture is the latest milestone in his impressive 20-year career in marketing automation, CRM, and customer loyalty.

Petter combines deep industry knowledge with a fresh approach to martech. His firm is quickly gaining recognition for innovative customer experience solutions. His dedication and strategic vision make him an admirable choice for our “User of the Month”.

Welcome, Petter! To kick off our conversation, could you introduce yourself and give us an insight into your professional background?

Yes, I’m Peter Andersson, and I’ve been managing a consulting firm named Homerun Customer Experience for about six months now. My journey encompasses 20 years of expertise in marketing automation, CRM, customer loyalty, and martech. This new venture is the culmination of my experiences, with a colleague joining me in this endeavour.

When did you first realize the potential of Zaplify?

I’ve always been a proponent of automating manual sales processes, but with a focus on making them meaningful and relevant. Prior to Zaplify, I used other tools, but they lacked the intelligence Zaplify offers. It stood out to me due to its user-friendly interface, quick setup process, aesthetically pleasing design, and its array of intelligent features.

Could you share an instance where Zaplify played a pivotal role for you or your clients?

Absolutely. Zaplify has played a crucial role in developing new sales processes, particularly for B2B companies eager to initiate sales procedures and set up meetings. Its consistent generation of new meetings, coupled with the dual-qualifying effect it creates — where only genuinely interested parties respond — have been a game-changer in qualifying prospects efficiently.

In your routine operations, is there a particular feature or strategy of Zaplify that you find irreplaceable?

My focus is primarily on the filtration aspect, encompassing both the inclusion and exclusion of companies. Additionally, I upload lists of companies that have been filtered through external processes. Understanding a company’s technology stack, such as their CRM system, is crucial for us. This insight helps us customize our communication, making it more relevant to the recipient. Furthermore, segmentation at the individual level is essential in creating specific messages that aim to engage the recipients without overwhelming or irritating.

For newcomers to Zaplify, what essential advice would you offer to optimize their experience?

Embrace a less aggressive sales approach for greater success. Start your conversations with a hypothesis that showcases your expertise and understanding of the recipient’s business landscape. Share industry insights, offer valuable knowledge, and propose an introductory Q&A session.

Looking ahead, are there any new features you're eager to explore or would like to see developed?

I’m particularly interested in a feature that would allow for directing LinkedIn-sponsored posts to the same audience targeted through email campaigns. Such a tool would be an excellent supplement to making connection requests and sending personalized messages.

Finally, could you summarize the impact of Zaplify on your work style in a few sentences?

Zaplify has shifted my approach from irregular, bulk campaign strategies to a consistent, gradual engagement method. It ensures a regular flow of meetings each week, aligning perfectly with my preference for thorough preparation and research before each meeting. This steady stream of meetings has opened up continual business opportunities for us.

Picture of Petter Andersson

Petter Andersson

Founder & CEO at Homerun

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