Prospecting Strategically: Dan Trum’s Journey to Becoming a Zaplify Star

Meet Dan Trum, the CEO and founder of Ten Protection, a Swedish company specializing in providing professional-grade work gloves directly to industry experts. Dan’s smart and organized approach to sales has earned him the title of our “User of the Month.”

Dan doesn’t just talk the talk; he walks it too. Adding 300 prospects to his campaigns every month, he’s proven that being smart with your time pays off. His practical and systematic strategy doesn’t just get results; it stands out in the world of strategic prospecting. Join us as we chat with Dan and get the lowdown on the methods that make him a Zaplify star.

Before discovering Zaplify, what were your prospecting methods, and what prompted you to explore a digital solution?

Before Zaplify, I heavily relied on manual processes and cold calling. It was a friend who recommended Zaplify to me, and that was the turning point. The need for a more streamlined and modernized prospecting process pushed me to explore this digital tool.

Can you share the impact Zaplify had on your prospecting approach? What features kept you engaged in the long term?

Zaplify’s unique ability to reach out to multiple people at once was a game-changer for me. It became an integral part of my workflow, consistently producing promising leads. I found that LinkedIn generated initial interest, but it’s through email that potential clients really become engaged.

Your prospecting strategy involves a hands-on approach, including sending product samples and maintaining communication. Could you walk us through your step-by-step process?

I believe in being proactive. Each day, I add new prospects on Zaplify, ensuring a steady flow of leads. But it’s important to note that the work does not end after starting the campaign. I strategically send product samples to potential customers and stay in touch with anyone who shows interest. Following up with every lead is crucial, whether it’s weeks later or an immediate response to an email. The process includes collecting feedback, sending a quote when appropriate, and maintaining engagement through direct communication.

You've mentioned Zaplify's affordability and time-saving aspects. Can you elaborate on why you recommend it to other professionals, and how the support you received played a role in your positive experience?

Zaplify is a very effective way to find new customers. Its affordability and time savings make it stand out compared to other outreach methods. The difference is that if I had processed so many by phone, I might have had to spend 6-7 hours a day. When you work with traditional telephone processing, you get tired pretty quickly because you get so many no’s. But with Zaplify, maybe there are just as many who don’t bother to answer, but I never see those contacts.

The support I have received from my CSM Sara has also been excellent, with follow-up meetings and solutions tailored to my needs. This assistance played a key role in my positive experience.

Your success is evident in the numbers, adding 300 new prospects per month. What challenges did you face along the way, and how did you overcome them with Zaplify?

Market saturation and writing effective copy were challenges. However, Zaplify’s flexibility and determination led us to find solutions. I handle prospecting personally because the nature of my industry requires a personal touch that outsourcing cannot match.

As we have followed your journey, we know your success with Zaplify took some time. How long did it take before you saw concrete results, and what kept you going during that period?

It took about two months before I saw concrete results. The key was taking a systematic, long-term approach. Zaplify provided a structured way to communicate with many potential customers at once, keeping me motivated.

Looking ahead, what are your resolutions for the new year?

My resolutions include improving my LinkedIn presence and communication abilities. I want to make better use of my extensive network and keep conversations active on LinkedIn, discussing industry-specific topics. Zaplify will continue to be a crucial tool in enhancing these aspects of my prospecting strategy.

Picture of Dan Trum

Dan Trum

CEO & founder at Ten Protection

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