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Recruiting the perfect candidate for your open role is not only super challenging, but also very expensive. Recruitment agencies aren’t cheap, while there’s also no guarantee that they’ll deliver to the standard of which you need. At Zaplify, we want to believe that data, once again, is the source of truth of everything. 

In sales, we always strive to have a filled pipeline. The story should be the same for recruiting. We need to move away from being reactive in the recruitment process, but instead, being proactive in the manner. Once you receive the resignation letter, it’s already too late. You’re now forced to find a replacement in a time-pressured environment, while reality is, your perfect candidate is most likely a passive candidate. By having a pipeline with warm leads, you can take action appropriately. 

How does Zaplify help? 

With a database of 650+ million people, we become a recruiter’s best friend. By filtering through industries, company sizes, titles, skillsets and locations – you’re able to find your perfect candidate at minimum cost. This is how we built our team. We identified the best in the market, then proactively reached out and started conversations. We were able to fill our pipeline with dream candidates, and when the time was right, we reached out. This has enabled us to recruit the sharpest salespeople, most creative marketing gurus, intelligent programmers and a michelin star service-minded customer success team.  

How does this work?

1. Identify the most qualified leads 

At Zaplify, we have an extensive list of data on each candidate within our platform. Our contact information includes their LinkedIn profile, their work email, business title, employer, location, academic and employment history, skillset, interests and in some cases their telephone number. 

2. Making contact with passive candidates 

In today’s market you’re only exposed to the candidates that are actively seeking, imagine being able to start conversations with the ones that aren’t? With us, you’re able to reach top talent in an automated and effective manner. This doesn’t only make the process faster, but also more cost effective.

3. Build your dream pipeline 

There’s a lot of space for disruption within the recruitment industry. Reality is that your best candidates come from referrals. This means that you need to have a strong network in order to succeed. In a world driven by AI solutions, this seems odd? 

Instead, you should be able to source your dream candidates through automated tools. This will allow you to make contact and build a pipeline of healthy candidates. 

25% of our clients today are recruitment agencies. They are able to reach out and make contact with solid candidates. Our goal is that all of our clients should be using us for their hiring processes, as we’re much more than a lead generation tool for sales. 

What should you look for in a salesperson? 

At Zaplify, we don’t view our sales team as “salespeople”, they’re sales gurus. Sales is becoming much more of a consultative process, especially within the SaaS industry. Teams that put more emphasis on building long-term relationships and solving real problems, tend to see more success. The industry has changed. It’s not about aggressive closing tactics, it’s about people and trust. 

We always look for the perfect balance of sympathy and ego. A sales person must be able to relate to a customer’s challenges on an emotional level, but be hungry enough to push through and close the deal towards the end. We split our interview process into two separate sessions. First, we want to identify if the person’s values and moral compass aligns with the culture that we want to build. This gives us an understanding if the person has the required emotional intelligence for the role. If so, we move on to our second interview. This is a much more aggressive and provocative session. “We don’t believe that you’ve got the skillset that’s required to deliver on this position”, if the person disagrees and explains why – the ego is there. You’re hired! 

Setting up for success in a rapidly changing world 

It’s not enough to have a competent and driven team, you must be able to adapt overnight. This means that you must have the right tools in place, but also people who can master flexibility. We supply our clients with the perfect tools to create new business, but also the ability to build a team that can deliver in any climate. We are big supporters of all of our clients, together, we will create a sustainable future. 

We hope that this article gave insight to how you can build your dream team. Please contact us if you want to chat further! 

Stay Zappy,

Joshua Ellis

Joshua Ellis

Chief Marketing Officer

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