How Zuuvi used Zaplify to successfully enter new markets

The Company

Zuuvi, a Danish tech platform, built for digital marketing teams and designers, enables their clients to produce best-in-class ads for display and social media. They believe in Empowering Creativity by allowing creatives to produce quality ads at scale. 

What problem were you trying to solve when you started looking for a lead generation tool? 

We wanted an easy and intuitive way to get in touch with new potential customers. Our addressable market is huge, at the time, we weren’t able to successfully approach different industries, decision makers and company sizes through a structured manner. We felt like we were missing out on massive opportunities. 

What specifically were you expecting the tool that you were searching for to include? 

Something that would help us work more efficiently. We were spending a lot of time prospecting and this was taking focus away from closing bigger accounts. We wanted the tool to minimize the manual repetitive motions that we were going through on a daily basis, while also steering us towards the right potential customers. Digitalizing as many processes as possible was also an important requirement. I wanted our team to be in meetings with clients, not wasting time in search engines online. 

How did you find Zaplify? 

As a kid, I grew up in the same area as your CMO, Josh Ellis. We’ve stayed connected throughout the years and was able to read much about Zaplify on LinkedIn. I booked a demo on your website and the rest is history. 

What was it that made you pick Zaplify as opposed to Qualifier, ZoomInfo or LeadPilot? 

We had listed a list of requirements before we started taking demos at different companies. It was important that the tool could deliver on both ends of the sales cycle – more specifically, prospecting and outreach. We also wanted to be able to easily transfer all the data to our CRM. The tool had to work on a local level, but also provide global market access when our focus shifts to building on our international presence. I wanted to be able to a/b test at scale – this includes how to best present Zuuvi, but also, what type of companies are more receptive towards our tool. We’ve been able to pivot by understanding how to craft our messaging differently across various business titles. And lastly, the user-interface was on another level compared to your competitors. This made it very easy for us to hit the ground running from day 1.

How has Zaplify helped you resolve the challenges that you previously had? 

Primarily, it has helped us book meetings without us doing anything. It sounds crazy, but once you find your magic formula, your pipeline starts filling up quickly. Zaplify has also helped us understand what type of companies we should be reaching out to. We’re spending less time in unqualified meetings – being able to speak directly to the right decision maker has also helped us reduce our sales cycles. I can proudly say that we have a modern and structured sales department at Zuuvit. We understand the importance of digital and we’ve significantly shifted our focus towards doing more of what we enjoy doing as sales people – meeting clients and building relationships. 

Who uses Zaplify at Zuuvi? 

We’re 3 people in the sales department who use the tool. Sweden has been our primary market, but we’ve launched a few campaigns in Norway to see what type of response we’d get in a new market. The results have been incredible. Zaplify gave us the insight that Norway was worth exploring, without the tool, I’m not sure this is something we’d even consider when looking at Europe as a whole. We love the fact that you can quickly test new markets and pivot at a rapid pace if the response is good. The Netherlands is another market we’re running full out on as well. 

What results have you seen through Zaplify?

The amount of meetings in all of our calendars has significantly increased since we started to use the tool. This might sound like a bad thing, but in the world of sales, meetings is the bread and butter to successfully meet your KPIs. Our personal networks on LinkedIn have also broadened – this is something that I feel like you guys miss out on when pitching your product. The fact that Zaplify helps you build your network with prospects that will take part of your content on a daily basis is amazing. Whenever I post something, I know that the right people are seeing it in their feed.

Picture of Marc Hillander

Marc Hillander

Sales Manager - Zuuvi

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