How Zaplify Enhances Sales Processes for Marketing Firms

Today, we’re excited to introduce Andreas from Jajja, a seasoned player in the digital marketing industry who joined Zaplify just over a year ago. Andreas, the Commercial Director at Jajja, shares insights into how Zaplify has become an integral part of their sales process, enabling them to thrive in a competitive landscape.

So Andreas, tell us a bit about what Jajja does in the digital marketing space.

– Jajja has been in the game for over 20 years, showcasing expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), Google ads, and advertising. Basically, we specialize in driving targeted website traffic to help businesses make more sales and attract ideal customers. It’s a competitive industry and sometimes companies don’t fully appreciate the power of SEO. We aim to change that mindset, especially for businesses that don’t realize their full potential online.

How have you adapted your sales strategies over the years to keep up in the industry?

– Well, we’ve switched from a one-size-fits-all sales approach to a more tailored, personalized communication style with Zaplify’s help. We realized that customizing our outreach is crucial – people want that human touch. So now we incorporate videos and curated content in our messages, offering relevant insights and value to potential clients. In a crowded digital marketplace, you gotta forge real connections. We’ve seen great traction with sending personalized videos and linking to articles on our LinkedIn profile.

How has bringing Zaplify on board enhanced your sales process?

– Zaplify’s been clutch for zeroing in on our ideal customers – the companies and people we really want to work with. Just being able to pinpoint that target audience means we can focus on nurturing relationships and biz dev opportunities. It facilitates more long-term partnerships and gives us a personal way to reach out at scale on LinkedIn. That trust factor is so key for sales. 

"Bottom line, Zaplify has helped us streamline everything, save time, gain market insights, and craft a dynamic outreach strategy. It takes a lot of guesswork out of sales."

What are some key challenges you've faced, and how have you tackled them?

– Well, it’s always tricky keeping up with constant changes in digital marketing. And sometimes, educating customers on why our services are valuable is an uphill battle. On top of that, people have less time nowadays and they’re far more selective in who they give that time to. This just underscores why relevant, personalized communication is non-negotiable. With Zaplify in our toolkit, we’ve been able to face those challenges through process optimization, time savings, market insights, and organized outreach campaigns.

As you look at the future of digital marketing, how do you see sales evolving?

– Personalization and adaptability will be make-or-break. It’s so important to grasp client needs ASAP and respect their time. You also need to be present where the customers are and understand when they are receptive. We’re moving away from emails, and platforms like LinkedIn are getting increasingly important where you create interest and engagement to make people want to engage with you.

What advice would you give to other companies trying to level up their sales game?

–  I’d say focus on authenticity and personalization when engaging prospects. Embrace sales automation tools that remove friction from communicating at scale. And above all, provide actual value to clients and nurture genuine connections – that relationship is everything in sales.

When evaluating sales tools, what factors are non-negotiables for you?

–  Reliability and ease of use are huge must-haves. We need something simple that takes complex processes off our plate. Zaplify delivers big time on that front – the actionable data it provides is gold. And we appreciate solutions that smoothly integrate with our other systems and can evolve over time. With that said, I also want to send some love to our incredible CSM at Zaplify, Sara! She’s such a gem, always showing how much she truly cares about us here at Jajja. Her warmth and genuine care for us make the biggest difference.

Last one, Andreas - what does the future look like for Jajja and digital marketing overall?

–  We’re eager to leverage AI and other technologies to continually enhance our processes and elevate the customer experience. Looking ahead, we’re excited to further explore and develop AI technology to streamline our operations and unlock even greater efficiencies. We firmly believe in the longevity of such tools and eagerly anticipate the innovations they’ll bring to the table.


Andreas’ insights shed light on the dynamic nature of digital marketing and the practical role Zaplify plays in supporting marketing firms like Jajja to navigate in a competitive environment. This article provides insights into how tools like Zaplify seamlessly integrates into the sales processes of marketing firms, facilitating personalized interactions and optimizing operations for improved efficiency and productivity.

Hanna Thapper

Hanna Thapper

Business Developer at Zaplify

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