From Cold Calling to Success: HCM Partner’s Zaplify Experience

We were happy to spend some time with one of our most progressive clients, Anders Jönsson, CEO at HCM Partner, who kindly shared their Zaplify story with our team. 

HCM Partner is a tech recruitment and headhunting firm based in Stockholm, Sweden. By being personal and human in every interaction, they help their clients grow and people to develop – very much in line with how we at Zaplify conduct our business as well.

What challenges were you facing before you decided to look for a lead generation tool? 

We spent a lot of our time cold calling unqualified leads. We were lacking a systematic approach across the full sales funnel. It was difficult to meet our quotas as we didn’t have a solid prospecting tool to identify our buyers.

What was the main thing you were looking for when you decided to pursue a tool? 

At first, we didn’t really have any requirements other than that we were looking for a tool that would give us the data we needed in order to start conversations with our target audience. Since we didn’t have much experience within this space, we decided to book quite a few demos with different lead generation companies to understand what was available on the market. It came down to 3 different companies – we decided to move forward with Zaplify due to your social selling capabilities on LinkedIn. 

What type of tools had you previously used?

We were simply relying on our own network and existing client base. Building a sales team wasn’t a priority until recently, it was at this time it became evident how important it was having a thorough tool that would help us in our processes.

How did you find out about Zaplify? 

I spoke to a few industry colleagues, Zaplify was mentioned a few times so I decided to check it out. I am happy I did.

What made you decide that Zaplify was worth the investment? 

It was a no-brainer once I calculated the Return on Investment. If we close 1 deal through Zaplify our investment is covered (and more!). It was a low risk, high rewards type of situation. This doesn’t account for the amount of hours we’re saving in costs either. 

How has Zaplify helped you solve the challenges you had?

Our whole sales process has changed. We’re able to automate our processes which in return gives our team more time back to focus on other areas. We are able to spend more time on big accounts while Zaplify helps us connect with new clients in the background. 

Who uses Zaplify in your team? 

It’s me, 2 recruitment consultants and an additional 3 consultants being onboarded in the near future, so it’s 6 in total.

What results have you achieved with Zaplify? 

A lot of our business is driven by networking. That’s how our sales cycles start. Zaplify helps us get in contact with the right people and start that critical conversation in order to get the process going. We’ve been able to pinpoint qualified prospects – which has been of value for not only sales purposes, but also to build our database of candidates.

We’ve already been able to close 2 deals through Zaplify and I expect more to come as we continue to use your tool.

How has your overall experience been with Zaplify? 

There’s been some technical issues at times, but this is expected at the stage of your development. I have been really impressed with how quickly you’re able to address any challenges that we’ve had. There’s a lot of potential here moving forward. 

Would you recommend Zaplify? If so, what would you say? 

If you haven’t used any lead generation tools before, Zaplify is your perfect partner in getting that journey started. 

Picture of Anders Jönsson

Anders Jönsson

CEO at HCM Partner

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