How Zaplify enabled Violet AI to land a dream client

The company

Violet, a company on a mission to bring AI technologies to Nordic companies, is one of Europe’s most progressive pioneers within the AI space. Through the application of Data Science and Machine Learning Violet helps bring AI technology to their clients business operations.

The Challenge

We were happy to spend some time with one of our favorite clients, Mattias Guilotte, Head of Growth at Violet, who kindly shared their Zaplify story with our team. 

What challenges were you facing before you decided to look for a lead generation tool? 

“I’ve always been into marketing automation and content marketing. I’ve spent about 30% of my career in marketing. My motto has always been “learn fast, improve fast”. I wanted to be able to test at scale which means that you must automate to reach economies of scale. At the time, we didn’t have a tool that could do this for us. 

What was the main thing you were looking for when you decided to pursue a tool? 

We wanted to be able to try different types of messaging across different types of audiences. But equally important, we also wanted to be able to quickly pivot based on what feedback we were getting from our different test groups. We essentially wanted to automate much of our sales process and tweak our messaging based on real data. 

What type of tools had you previously used?

Hubspot Marketing Automation, Qualifier and a few different growth hacking tools where I tried building an automated sales machinery on my own. Violet as a company had no previous experience with any tools, everything was done manually and we mainly relied on personal networking, cold calling and so on. 

How did you find out about Zaplify? 

It was actually through a referral, Petter ******, who recommended your product. I had a demo with your team and fell in love with the product and vision. 

What made you decide that Zaplify was worth the investment? 

I had a good understanding of the industry and loved the fact that you use two communication channels within your outreach – the combination of LinkedIn and email. It was from Stockholm which meant that you’re close to our HQ and I think you have a strong vision and understanding of the power of adding even more communication channels to your outreach. A big positive was that you had all legalities in place, this is something that I’ve experienced being a problem at other companies within the sales-tech space. Easy user-interface, brilliant customer service and convenient integrations to different CRMs. 

The Solution 

How has Zaplify helped you solve the challenges you had?

We’ve been able to rapidly setup a structured lead generation process. We’re more effective in the generation process – minimizing admin time, reaching out to qualitative leads and a much more tailored messaging approach. Zaplify gave us insight how to approach different decision makers, for example: we present our value proposition differently to a CEO, CRO, CIO etc. We’ve also been able to improve our awareness by reaching out to a much wider and relevant audience.

Who uses Zaplify in your team? 

All C-level executives, as well as our marketing and sales team..

What results have you achieved with Zaplify? 

Our biggest client to date, “confidential”, was brought onboard through one of our Zaplify campaigns. It was a contract north of 3,000,000 SEK. In addition to this, we’ve built a great pipeline with +200 contacts in our primary target group. I’ll leave it at that 🙂 

How has your overall experience been with Zaplify? 

We’ve been super impressed with our Customer Success Manager Alexandra. The service has been excellent, and Zaplify’s in-depth knowledge on how to structure campaigns and how to get our specific message through to our target audience have been invaluable. 

Would you recommend Zaplify? If so, what would you say? 

Absolutely. It’s the perfect tool for any company that is looking to increase their growth and market expansion – but most importantly, be able to understand how to tailor your messaging across different audiences and quickly learn how to optimize. 

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