How to get over 30% response rate on your outreach campaign!

We asked our users how they’ve structured their outreach campaigns to get a response rate greater than 30%. 

Here is a step by step campaign structure we’ve put together from some of our customer’s success for you to follow when creating your own prospecting and outreach campaign.  

Step 1 – Linkedin profile visit.

When creating a campaign in Zaplify, always begin with a LinkedIn profile visit as you can always mention that you have looked at their profile for your connection request to make it feel more personal. 

Step 2 – LinkedIn connection request.

The next step is to send a Linkedin connection request. Write a message telling your prospect how you guys can benefit from each other, or ask them how they work today with the specific service you provide.

A common mistake is to write too long connection request messages. The message can look spammy if it’s written too long. Keep the request message simple and open for conversation. 

Here is one example: 

Hi {{firstName}} 

I had a look at your profile yesterday and see that we both have an interest in (what you have in common). It would be great to follow your journey at {{CompanyName}} and hopefully, we could find a way to collaborate. 

Step 3 – LinkedIn follow-up message.

Now it’s time to start a dialog; the best way to do this is to ask questions. Mention that you are keen on them and their company, along with trying to get them to open up about a pain-point. Sometimes depending on the persona you are trying to reach, it could be smart to cut to the chase and ask them for a quick call as you could solve this pain-point. 

It could look like this:

Hi {{firstName}}, 

I would love to know more about how {{CompanyName}} is working with this (specific problem or process) today? Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi {{firstName}},

Thanks for accepting the connection request, looking forward to networking with you. What do you say about having a meeting so I can learn more about how {{CompanyName}} is working (specific problem or process?)

All the best,

Your name

Step 4 – Send the first email.

If the prospect hasn’t responded to your follow-up message on LinkedIn, send a reminder through email that you are still interested in the person and the company. Be clear to let them know that you would like to have a meeting with them.

At the same time, you can also inform what feature your product is solving for the prospect. Tell your prospect how excited you are to show how easy it can be implemented in their work process.

For example:

Hi {{firstName}},

I hope all is great with you. I didn’t know if you got my message on Linkedin, so I will try here instead. Just curious if you are still interested in having a quick meeting to understand the (company’s problem) better.

We solve XYZ’s problem this way… 

All the best,

Your name

Step 5 – Send a second email. 

Here you try and make a last effort to get in contact and see if the person really is interested in the problems you are solving. Ask if they are the right person to speak with and, if not, if they could put you in touch with the right person to talk with.  

For example:

Hi {{firstName}},

I’m not sure if you had the time to look into my latest email I sent you. I understand if you are busy. However, I’m very interested to learn more about {{CompanyName}}, and if you are not the right person to speak with, it would be very appreciative if you could put me in touch with the right person?

Best regards,

your name

Step 6 – CALL!

Now the most crucial step is left, which is to call your prospect that didn’t answer your outreach. This is a step that many forget to do, but it is a crucial step because now we have warmed up these prospects and have a great reason why to call them. 


Make sure that your campaign always is personal to the receiver and never comes across as spam. Connect with your prospects on more than one personal touchpoint and more than one channel.

Follow this roadmap and complete your first successful outreach campaign: 

Outreach campaign

If you think this process is taking your sales team a lot of time doing manually, have a chat with one of our experts to learn how to automate this process below.

Joshua Ellis

Joshua Ellis

Chief Marketing Officer

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