How Life Inside managed to build their customer base while bringing the cost per meeting down

The Company

Life Inside, a dedicated team that believes in the power of user-generated video and human connection to create the next generation of customer and candidate experience. They are on a mission to help companies build closer relationships with customers and candidates by authentically communicating their brands, cultures and opportunities through the unfiltered lens of user-generated video. A category redefining company who we are proud to call our client.

What made you look for a lead generation tool? 

Our primary goal was to find a solution to how we could generate more meetings. Secondarily, we wanted to expand our network in our CRM. We understood the value of having an accessible audience group which we could reach out to whenever we had a company update. We host a lot of events and it’s important for us to have an easy outlet to where we can address a large audience group who actually cares. I guess we were looking for something that would please both our sales and marketing teams.

What expectations did you have for the desired tool?

I wanted something that wouldn’t only give an immediate impact. I appreciate that all prospects aren’t always “in market” and sometimes longer sales cycles are required. By this I mean that it was important for us to build a network of potential clients. I loved that Zaplify had the “connection request” on LinkedIn as a part of the workflow – this essentially meant that we are able to build a large follower group of prospects that fall within our Ideal Customer Profile’s criteria. I was also looking for something that didn’t limit us to one channel. Reaching out to the right audience at the channel that they prefer is equally as important as anything else in the world of sales. 

How did you find Zaplify? 

We got Zaplified.

We’re seeing a lot of competition within the sales-tech space, what made you pick Zaplify?  

We had a lot of demos with different companies within the growth hacking space. Being able to set up customized campaigns, work off good data and being able to have a personal approach in the outreach is really what made us pick Zaplify. It was clear that you guys had thought through the full sales cycle, not only the prospecting or the outreach part – it is a solid end-to-end experience you offer. I love how we’re able to test different value propositions and market segments to understand how we best position our brand in an attractive manner. 

How has Zaplify helped you resolve the challenges that you previously had? 

It delivers on its promise. We have more meetings booked in our calendars. We save a lot of time not having to search the web, ask for referrals and everything else that comes with prospecting. Our contact base is continuously growing with each campaign we set up – this has been super helpful when driving our ever-growing community to our events.

Who uses Zaplify at Life Inside? 

We’ve had a few different seniority levels use it. At the moment, it’s just C-level employees. 

What results have you seen through Zaplify? 

We were hoping that the tool could deliver 15 meetings per month. This has been achieved so we’re super happy about that. We’re paying $50 Euros per qualified meeting – and this doesn’t account for the amount of time we’re saving either. The hit rate of our meetings are high and we know exactly who we’re reaching out to. We’ve been able to stress test new potential markets to understand where we should build go-to-market strategies. I think the most important thing is that we’re able to make calls based on data – there’s no better insight than that!

Have you been pleased with the support you’ve received from Zaplify?

At times, I can tell that you guys are just 1 year into your journey – but whenever there’s been a problem, you’ve been super helpful in solving it. The flexibility has been great. I’m excited to have a front row seat to Zaplify’s continued journey.

Lastly, would you recommend Zaplify to a friend? If so, what would you say? 

Haha! I’ve already done this to friends with similar roles as my own. Anyone who’s in need to reach out to decision makers and understand where you can build potential market growth, The Zap is your friend.

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