From Oslo to the UK: Milient’s Sales Triumphs with Zaplify

Introducing Erkki and David from Milient, Scandinavia’s top project management tool provider! With a dedicated team of 80 professionals, they’re taking the industry by storm, from Oslo to the UK.

Join us as we delve into their successful tactics with Zaplify, offering insights and strategies for enhancing sales processes in our latest User of the Month feature.

Erkki and David, what's the story behind Milient and your roles there?

At Milient, we’re all about making project management effortless. Our job on the sales team is to spread the word about our innovative tools and find the perfect fit for businesses across various sectors. We focus on sectors that require high precision and efficiency, tailoring our suite of products for architects, engineers, staffing firms, and consulting companies.

Your sales performance is impressive. What's your secret?

Our success comes from our tailored approach. Instead of a one-size-fits-all strategy, we use Zaplify to customise our pitches for each industry and product. Unlike many providers who focus on a limited range of systems aimed at specific industries, Milient leverages a diverse portfolio of products across various sectors. With Zaplify, we’ve been able to craft targeted campaigns for each product and industry, allowing us to tailor our offerings precisely.

How do you engage with potential clients effectively?

Our sales process begins with identifying our target audience and matching our efforts to their needs, utilising Zaplify to efficiently pinpoint and connect with the right companies. Then, we craft personalised messages and follow up regularly. 

Building strong relationships is key, and Zaplify makes it easy.

Choosing the right outreach channels can be tricky. How do you decide?

We analyse each industry to find the best way to connect. For some, it’s LinkedIn; for others, it’s direct email. Insights from our experiences and sector analyses have shown LinkedIn is preferred by those focusing on personal branding, such as consultants, while roles like payroll services less commonly use it. This knowledge shapes our use of LinkedIn for personal branding-heavy sectors and direct email for others.

How do you ensure your messages resonate with different targets?

We speak their language. Whether it’s architects or consultants, we tailor our messages to their specific needs. Utilising A/B testing and monitoring campaign responses via Zaplify, we’ve identified which tactics resonate best. This method allows us to recycle successful elements across different campaigns, continually refining our strategy to enhance engagement across diverse audiences.

Is launching campaigns enough, or is there more to it?

Launching campaigns is just the beginning. We use Zaplify to reach a wide audience and then follow up with personalised calls. It’s about finding the right balance between automation and personal touch. Beyond automation, the real value lies in analysing responses to identify and engage key prospects.

What challenges have you faced, and how do you overcome them?

Keeping our contact lists up-to-date can be a challenge, but Zaplify helps us stay organised. Our primary strategy is using Zaplify as a key tool for automating initial outreach, making the first contact more efficient and focusing on prospects more likely to engage.

Any tips for boosting sales success based on your experience?

Embrace digital tools and be patient. Get creative with your outreach – videos, personalised messages – anything to stand out. With Zaplify, the possibilities are endless, especially now with their AI features!

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