Back to Work: Why sales outreach needs to be your top priority

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about getting back to work and ramping up your sales efforts. As the Head of Customer Success at Zaplify, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies over the past two years, and I can tell you that the most successful ones are the ones that get ahead of their sales outreach.

Here’s why:

Get ahead of the game

If you wait until everyone else is back from vacation and starts ramping up their sales efforts, you’ll already be behind the curve. By starting now, you’ll have a head start and be able to make more connections and close more deals before the competition catches up.

Prio now before you have another 100 tasks

Let’s face it, sales outreach is never as urgent as other tasks on your to-do list. But if you don’t prioritize it now, it will likely get pushed aside as other tasks come up. By making sales outreach your top priority now, you’ll ensure that it gets the attention it deserves.

Zaplify’s AI-based sales tool

Create a workflow using our templates or AI

To make your sales outreach even more effective, consider using Zaplify’s AI-based sales tool. With our tool, you can automate your outreach, track your results, and get insights into which messages are resonating with your prospects.

And the best part? If you start using our tool now, you’ll start seeing results in just two weeks. Within four weeks, you’ll be up to full speed, and after four to six weeks, you’ll start seeing some real ROI.

It’s completely free to use Zaplify, so what are you waiting for? Don’t let the end of summer slow down your sales efforts. Get ahead of the game, prioritize your outreach, and consider using Zaplify’s AI-based sales tool to maximize your results.


In conclusion, prioritizing your sales outreach efforts is crucial to your company’s success. By getting ahead of the game, prioritizing sales outreach, and utilizing tools like Zaplify’s AI-based sales tool, you’ll be able to make more connections, close more deals, and ultimately see a greater ROI. So don’t wait – start ramping up your sales efforts now and make this your best fall season yet.

In b2b sales and want a checklist to help you kickstart the fall season? Comment on my Linkedin post and I’ll send it over in a DM.

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Alexandra Skagerholm

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