Achieving Remarkable Response Rates with a Sales Pro

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Gothenburg, TEMP-TEAM is a leading Swedish staffing and recruitment agency that provides services across various industries, serving major clients like Volvo, Ericsson, and Scania.

Åsa Blomdahl, Sales Team Leader at TEMP-TEAM, has seamlessly integrated Zaplify into her sales strategy, achieving impressive 40% reply rates and over 50% connect request approvals in her campaigns. Her dedication, strategic approach, and remarkable results make her the perfect choice as our first “Zaplifyer of the Month”.

Could you introduce yourself and share a bit about your role within the company?

Sure! I’m Åsa Blomdahl, Sales Team Leader at TEMP-TEAM. Operating from our Swedish head office in Gothenburg, my main goal is to help companies find the right key competencies and build outstanding teams. We cater to a diverse range of sectors, from generalists to specialists, including IT and tech. Our core services encompass both staffing and recruitment.

Before using Zaplify, what were the main challenges you faced in your sales outreach efforts?

Before Zaplify, one of my biggest challenges was sourcing quality prospect lists. It was time-consuming and detracted from the actual selling process. The manual effort of calling and reaching out was another hurdle. However, with Zaplify, the entire outreach process has been significantly streamlined and has proven to be a valuable tool for me.

How did you discover the tool, and what motivated you to try it out?

We adopted a new strategy where our group emphasized more proactive activities around our customers and frequent outreach to prospects. As part of this initiative, a budget was allocated for all of us in sales to access Zaplify. I was particularly excited because, in my very first campaign, I managed to secure a meeting with a notoriously elusive Gothenburg-based customer. It was a significant win for me, and I felt an immediate connection with the tool’s potential.

How has the integration influenced your outreach and what key insights have you gained?

When I first started with Zaplify, I’ll admit I was a bit impatient. I didn’t dedicate enough time to crafting my copy, and my initial attempts were somewhat haphazard. However, I quickly realized the importance of paying close attention to the content of my emails. Since then, the tool has been a game-changer for me. It streamlined my prospecting process, allowing me to tailor campaigns more effectively. The time I once spent on prospecting is now used to reach a broader audience and achieve impressive response rates.

Are there any specific strategies you’ve adopted, and what advice would you give to others based on your experience?

Absolutely. One of the techniques I’ve found most effective is using LinkedIn alongside our campaigns. For instance, I targeted sales managers with a campaign and simultaneously posted about sales on LinkedIn. This ensured that when they visited my profile, they could associate me with my prior outreach. It’s all about planting seeds and making an impression. So stay active on LinkedIn and in your inbox. Respond to messages and consistently follow up on conversations. Even though the mailings are automated, it’s essential to ensure every word feels genuine. Investing extra time to make the content personal and of high quality truly pays off.

How do you see the future of your outreach evolving, and are there any features you’re particularly excited about?

One thing I’ve noticed in sales is that structure isn’t always our strong suit. It’s vital to consistently monitor and follow up on campaigns in Zaplify. At the moment, we haven’t integrated it into our CRM, which leads to significant manual post-processing. I’m eagerly awaiting the day when we integrate the two, as I believe it will unlock even greater potential for us.

What’s your advice for others considering Zaplify?

My advice? Just dive in and give it a try. It’s genuinely transformative, aiding in prospecting, saving time, and effectively reaching out to potential clients.

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Picture of Åsa Blomdahl

Åsa Blomdahl

Sales Team Leader at TEMP-TEAM

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