50 ChatGPT prompts for Marketing

So you’ve definitely heard the buzz about ChatGPT and its freakishly human-like conversation skills. Well what if we told you this AI brain could actually level up your marketing efforts too? Yup, you can get useful prompts from ChatGPT for stuff like ideation, competitor research and yes, even creating campaign assets!

We totally get the struggles of modern marketing—being expected to constantly pump out content and innovation. It’s not easy, we know! But imagine having this AI as your digital brainstorming buddy. So we’re gonna hook you up with 50 solid marketing prompts for ChatGPT to spark your next big idea or strategy. These are real-life prompts we crafted for ourselves that could work for your business too with a little customization.

Let’s dive in and start prompting some marketing gold out of this AI, shall we?

15 Content Marketing Prompts

Coming up with fresh, captivating content is no joke. Let ChatGPT lend a hand with topics, headlines, and copy.

Give me 10 attention grabbing headline ideas for a blog post about [insert your topic].

Explanation: This is perfect for getting creative title ideas and headlines that will capture your audience’s interest. Plug in your topic and watch the AI generate some viral worthy options!

Suggest 3 entertaining blog post ideas about [my product/ company] that follow current trends.

Explanation: Get those creative juices flowing with on-trend content ideas personalized to your brand. Ask for topics that align with what’s hot right now!

Please write a 200 word introduction for a blog article about [topic] tailored to my target customer audience which is [describe audience].

Explanation: Save time by having ChatGPT craft an intro that speaks directly to your ideal reader and gives them reason to keep reading.

What are the most common customer questions about [type of product] that I should answer with my content? Please provide 10 detailed questions.

Explanation: Create content that resonates by answering the questions your customers and audience already have top of mind!

Suggest a new guide, ebook or free toolkit my company should offer, along with a title and 2-3 paragraph description

Explanation: Come up with irresistible lead magnet ideas complete with a compelling title and overview of what readers get out of it.

Please create a shareable quote graphic about [my industry] including text and visuals.

Explanation: Graphics do super well on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Give ChatGPT your niche and let it design an eye catching, on brand shareable!

What are 3 new and innovative ways to engage readers on my company's blog? Provide examples.

Explanation: Who couldn’t use some fresh inspiration for interactive content formats? Let your imagination run wild!

Please create a value proposition elevator pitch highlighting the key benefits of my product: [explain product].

Explanation: Get a mini advertisement from ChatGPT that sells potential customers in seconds flat. Tweak to fit different products and use cases.

What emoji reactions and comments would readers have while reading this blog post draft? Please provide feedback based on the content.

Explanation: Before you hit publish, get ChatGPT’s take on how engaging your post is and if it pulls the right emotions from readers!

Please write 5 entertaining tweets about [my industry] infused with humour.

Explanation: Everyone loves a good laugh! Use this for crafting light-hearted tweets.

Provide 7 bulleted tips for readers about [useful aspect of your product] formatted in a fun list post.

Explanation: Listicles are content gold – give ChatGPT your product and let it whip up tips your audience will love.

Please create an outline for a [number of words] beginner’s guide to [your niche] with [number] sections and suggested section titles.

Explanation: Planning content doesn’t have to be hard! Ask ChatGPT to map out helpful guides for you.

Write an email newsletter introduction in under 50 words to promote my company's latest product: [describe key features].

Explanation: Make your subscribers crack up and keep reading with a little humor and personality.

Provide 5 trending challenges I could create TikTok or Youtube Shorts videos around in my industry.

Explanation: Put ChatGPT to work researching the hot trends you could actually make viral content around!

Help me rewrite this blog post paragraph to be more conversational and engaging: [paste your text].

Explanation: Quickly improve any chunk of copy by asking ChatGPT to punch up the readability.

15 Prompt Ideas for Market Research

Get valuable insights on competitors, your ideal audience, and where your industry is headed using these prompts.

What are the 3 closest competitors to [my company] and what are our comparative strengths and weaknesses? Please provide a SWOT analysis.

Explanation: Discover how you stack up against competitors and leverage it in your messaging and positioning.

Please analyze my company's website [insert url] and provide 5 recommendations for improving the copy, design, content and conversion rate optimization.

Explanation: Get an AI audit of your site to find quick fixes and optimization opportunities.

Generate a detailed customer persona for [type of customer] including behavior patterns, motivations and goals when working with a company like mine.

Explanation: Fine tune your personas with insights into priorities, pain points and profile details you can really use.

What type of emotional marketing appeals and messaging would resonate most with [detail target audience] right now? Please provide 3 example headlines.

Explanation: Adapt your campaigns to what sticks based on your audience’s current mindset and preferences.

Compare the latest social media strategies and campaigns in [industry] and provide recommendations for what a company like mine should do to stand out.

Explanation: Steal ideas from the competition’s approach and identified gaps where you can differentiate.

What emerging trends, innovations or industry shifts will disrupt or create opportunities in [industry] in 2024 and beyond?

Explanation: Get ahead of developments before competitors and lean into changes with huge potential.

Please analyze my company’s current content calendar and provide 5 recommendations for improving topic relevancy, search visibility, and engagement.

Explanation: Let ChatGPT review your planned content and suggest ways to maximize impact.

What are the most frequently asked questions buyers have when searching for a [type of product]? Please list 10 detailed questions.

Explanation: Create truly helpful, customer-focused content around the information your audience needs most.

What type of video would go viral if created around [popular product]? Please describe ideas for format, length and content focus in 3 paragraphs.

Explanation: Viral content doesn’t happen by chance! Get AI ideas for capitalizing on trends.

Compare the previous and current branding, messaging and advertisements of [top company in industry] and describe how they have evolved over time along with recommendations for improvement.

Explanation: Get insight into competitors’ brand strategy progression to apply lessons to your own marketing.

Please analyze the previous 6 months of blog posts on [competitor’s website] and provide suggestions for 5 new topics my company should cover to fill gaps.

Explanation: Spot content gaps left open by competitors you can swoop in, own and attract their audience.

Please analyze my email marketing metrics [open rate, click through rate, etc] and provide 5 recommendations for improving engagement and conversion rate based on my industry.

Explanation: There’s always room for optimizing campaigns! Let ChatGPT audit your stats and pinpoint areas to double down on.

Compare the product benefits and features of the top 3 best selling [type of product] and provide suggestions for how a new entrant could differentiate and disrupt the market.

Explanation: Thinking of an MVP? Learn exactly how to stand out from existing solutions.

Please analyze the previous 5 Instagram ad campaigns run by [competitor] and provide recommendations for improving click through rate and engagement for a company like mine.

Explanation: Ad performance insights on competitors provide awesome inspiration for your own campaigns.

Based on current economic conditions and spending trends, how should retailers in [industry] adapt their holiday marketing campaigns this year? Please provide 5 specific ideas.

Explanation: Let ChatGPT clue you into major outside factors influencing consumer behavior as you plan seasonal promotions.

10 Prompt Ideas for Campaign Strategy

Get ChatGPT’s input on optimizing campaigns from product launches to funnel mapping and more.

Please provide a 10 step product launch plan for my new [type of product], including recommended pre-launch and post-launch marketing strategies over a 6 month period.

Explanation: Take the guesswork out of planning an end-to-end product rollout complete with milestones.

What are the ideal stages and customer journey map for the marketing funnel of [type of business], including the goal of each stage? Please describe in detail.

Explanation: Map out the perfect conversion process from top to bottom tailored exactly to your offering.

My competitor [name company] charges [dollar amount] for [type of product]. Please provide data-driven advice on what price point I should use to compete and maximize profit margins.

Explanation: Pricing is tough! Leverage comparative intel to pick the sweet spot.

Please analyze my company's key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and provide 5 recommendations for improvement.

Explanation: Get an outside perspective on better recognizing blindspots as well as areas primed for growth.

My marketing budget is [amount per month]. Please suggest how I should allocate spend across the following channels strategically: SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media ads, content marketing.

Explanation: Optimizing marketing spend can seem overwhelming. Let ChatGPT assess budget breakdown across key initiatives to balance exposure.

Please analyze my website's search engine optimization and provide recommendations for improving organic visibility and keyword rankings including 5 additional long-tail keywords to target.

Explanation: Ongoing SEO isn’t easy. Have ChatGPT scan site issues plus uncover hidden gems based on your offerings.

I sell [type of product] through [funnel model - ex online courses, agency services, etc.]. Please provide ideas and estimated timelines for developing and launching 3 new monetizable offerings over the next year.

Explanation: Get strategic guidance on planning additional revenue streams to continue scaling growth.

Please analyze my email marketing automation workflows and provide recommendations for improving conversion rates at each stage from signup to retention.

Explanation: Don’t stop at campaign creation! Have ChatGPT make sure your sequences convert long-term too.

Please provide suggestions for the optimal website information architecture, global navigation menu structure, content layout and calls-to-action for a [type of business] focused on [goal - leads, ecommerce sales etc].

Explanation: Salvage a confusing site with AI advice on simplifying and guiding visitors to convert.

Please create 5 likely objections from customers interested in [type of offering] along with rebuttals I should prepare to overcome each objection.

Explanation: Plan compelling responses to common hesitations plus questions prospects will ask.

10 Prompt Ideas for Boosting Engagement & Brand Visibility

Get ChatGPT’s tips on crafting irresistible content and optimizing your posts to capture more eyeballs.

Provide 7 new creative ideas and formats for short stop-scrolling entertaining videos I could produce around my [type of product] to perform well on Instagram Reels and TikTok.

Explanation: Brainstorming viral video ideas from scratch is challenging! Source AI inspiration for visually engaging formats tailored to your offering.

Suggest 3 interactive elements or features I could add to my company’s website, social posts or email newsletters to boost engagement from site visitors and subscribers. Please provide specific examples.

Explanation: Level up dull blocks of copy with no-code tools, audio experiences, assessments and other immersive widgets to captivate audiences.

My target customers are [detail target audience]. Provide 5 recommendations for places to advertise online beyond search engines and social media platforms that would expose my brand to these customers.

Explanation: Maximizing reach sometimes means tapping channels competitors ignore! Discover fresh untapped audiences for your messaging.

I sell [type of product] to [target customer group]. Provide 10 keyword phrases they would likely use while searching for solutions online related to my offering and recommend how I can optimize content to rank for these terms.

Explanation: The search intent keywords your buyers actually use can differ from what you guess! Tap AI for strategic search visibility.

Please analyze my company’s Instagram profile and posts from the past 6 months. Provide concrete suggestions for improving engagement and growing my follower count organically.

Explanation: Get an audit of what your social presence is missing plus actionable advice tailored to each platform’s algorithm.

My company’s brand persona is [describe key characteristics and tone]. Provide 5 examples of funny and engaging social media post captions that would appeal to my target demographic and align with my brand voice.

Explanation: Show off your brand’s personality while also relating to your audience! Achieve both brand consistency AND engagement with AI generated caption ideas for any post visual.

Provide a list of 20 relevant hashtags for a [type of business] to use on Instagram and TikTok to increase brand discoverability targeted to [detail target demographic].

Explanation: Stop wasting time trying random hashtags! Let ChatGPT research the most popular and effective tags to expose you to right people.

Recommend 3 new shoppable features or product bundles I could offer on my e-commerce site to increase average order value this holiday season. Please include mockup titles, descriptions and pricing.

Explanation: Capitalize on seasonal shopping demand with limited-time products that entice bigger purchases!

Provide 5 ideas for experiential marketing partnerships [type of business] could pursue with complementary brands to expand visibility among shared target audiences.

Explanation: Strategic co-marketing alliances present awesome visibility opportunities if matched thoughtfully!

Suggest 5 surprising yet data-backed ways to leverage influencer marketing on new social media platforms like TikTok to promote [specific product] to potential Gen Z buyers.

Explanation: The latest platforms and influencer marketing best practices are always changing! Lean on AI to stay cutting edge.


And there you have it – 50 actionable ChatGPT prompts for leveling up your marketing efforts! From ideating captivating content to getting inside consumers’ heads, this AI assistant makes planning and executing campaigns a breeze.

The key is customizing these prompts to fit your specific offering, brand, and goals. But a little strategic tweak goes a long way. We hope these real-world examples sparked some ideas for how you can incorporate ChatGPT into your workflow – saving time and taking the guesswork out of your strategy.


ChatGPT can help with marketing by generating ideas, content, and recommendations for areas like ideation, research, copywriting, and campaign strategy when given relevant prompts.

ChatGPT can generate prompts for content marketing, market research, campaign planning, funnel optimization, boosting engagement and more.

Yes, ChatGPT can tailor content and suggestions to specific industries and niches when the prompts provide context around the target audience and goals.

Accuracy varies depending on how well framed and specific the prompts are – the more precise the input and guidelines, the better quality ChatGPT’s output will be.

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