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Stop wasting your time on checking Email & LinkedIn

Collect, engage and manage all opportunities in one place.

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New customer suggestions every day, tailored recommendations for you and your company.

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Get 6 times the results while saving hours by streamlining your Email & LinkedIn outreach - always hyper-personalized by our AI. Eliminate your outreach anxiety once and for all.

Manage all your conversations, in all channels, from one place

Be more responsive to what matters the most. The AI messenger knows your inbox, LinkedIn and CRM. Helping you take action even on the opportunities you didn’t know you had.

People saving time and money

Our users report saving 49 hours every month & $1000s in expenses just by having everything they need in one place.

Build relationships with the right message at the right time

And so much more...

Stop wasting your time on checking Email & LinkedIn

Collect, engage and manage all opportunities in one place.

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It tracks your conversations on Email and LinkedIn, and suggest replies for you to send. As soon as you receive a message in your inbox, Zaplify generates a reply based on your message history with that person, and in your personal tone of voice. But it never sends anything without your permission – you’re in charge of the send button.

$0. Zaplify is Free so that you can try it for as long as you like. And when you become an advanced user you have the option to pay to unlock even more powerful features, if you want to.

Yes, Zaplify is built on best practices from the ground up, on the best available infrastructure. We don’t share your data with any other Zaplify user.

In terms of application security, we have been officially verified by Google under the Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) framework for our native Google email integration. 

Yes. Zaplify is available around the world.