Focus your time and energy on prospects, not leads.

Zaplify is the sales acquisition engine for customer interactions. We are on a mission to provide a simple and sustainable way to build stronger relationships with prospects.


By Oscar Collins and Kevin Östlin


20% monthly customer growth


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The company

What we do

The idea of Zaplify was founded in June 2019, with the belief that all companies need to adapt to new technologies and methods to manage multiple sales acquisition processes efficiently. We do this by supporting sales professionals to work more sustainable by accessing adjustable automations.

We believe that every company should be able to give its sales professionals an effective tool to manage their acquisition processes regardless of how many prospects they need to find or warm-up. Our highly adjustable automations are made to assist you with finding your best potential clients and to reach out to them authentically with smart, personal messaging so that you can get work done faster, and more efficiently.

Our Leadership

Per Clingweld


Oscar Collins

Founder & CGO

Kevin Östlin

Founder & CTO

Barry Garner


We are a passionate and innovative team of software engineers, designers, and business enthusiasts​

Laura Ochante

UX/UI Design Lead

Adrian Borodziuk

Head of Development

Ludwig Hedlund

Head of Product

Mahir Hambiralovic

Software Engineer

Jacek Skovron

QA Engineer

Filip Kalkan

Software Engineer

Mikael Röjerås

Data Analyst

Sara Gisslar

Customer Success Manager

Alexandra Skagerholm

Head of Customer Success

Sabina Sadowska

Front-End Developer

Jakub Matyka

Front-End Developer

Radosław Sobieś

Software Engineer