Close more Deals by Automating Prospecting & Sales Outreach.

  • For all users, companies and enterprises in need of higher hit-rate and gain more warm leads.
    The world is changing and so are B2B-sales.

Why automated prospecting and sales outreach?

The answer is quality and speed.
To do cold calling or digital outreach manually is not effective enough.

  • No more human error
  • Serves sales team with more warm leads
  • Save on average 34% more time
  • Increase hit-rate
  • Maximize numbers of closed deals

How can B2B sales be automated with quality?

Put manual work on autopilot. We allow you to simulate human behaviour in a disruptive way through best practice quality assurance and AI.

  • How it works
  1. Specify a target 
    Define an audience through data points such as titles, company sizes, location, department, industry, and much more. We have access to several 100 million prospects & companies.


  2. Choose Sales Automation Flow
    Choose a workflow for how you want your sales to be automated. Easily define your own message templates to personalize your automated emails, LinkedIn messages and Twitter actions.

  3. Launch the prospects
    Confirm the prospects that we gathered for you through ticking off or on the tick box next to the prospect. Lean back and watch cold prospects become hot leads, automatically.

Quick to make an impact.

Automating prospecting & sales outreach, is the loophole you been looking for your growth strategy since the digital age started. It´s the toughest part of B2B-sales, but Zaplify makes it quick.

Campaign Templates based on best performance

With Zaplify you eliminate a big amount of wait time between actions. With Zaplify you can automatically find, validate and engage with prospects in almost all social-platforms. You save time by taking away repetetive multi-task work and generating more engaged and satisfied prospects to your salesforce.

  • Automation Fact

Did you know that you save 2 hours and 57 minutes from daily tasks when automating parts of your sales process?

You could be in meetings instead of searching for customers

….due to the automations that will run your engine of engagement. And you can focus on one thing!

  • Automation Fact

Did you know that salespeople who is served warm leads tends to close 3x more deals than those who don´t?

Shifting to automation is easy

Precision targeting to generate more of your ideal customers.

Define your audience target where we have access to 100s of millions of companies & prospects. 
OR Import your CSVs with prospects.

Premade templates with Messages, Friend Requests and Profile visits.

6+ Outreach Templates with different outreach actions on diverse channels and.

A completely automated workflow which is highly monetizable.

34% higher hit rate when following up with your prospects smart.

Close deals like never before with monitized Automation


It automates the whole workflow from prospecting & sales outreach on all popular platforms that are important for B2B-sales.

Because if you don´t move forward and go aggressive on the market, you wont find any new deals. And if you don´t find any new deals, you will start loosing and your company will soon die from it.

  1. Signup for a demo on this page
  2. Define your target group in 3-5 minutes
  3. Approve the prospects Zaplify finds for you
  4. Connect your Email and LinkedIn
  5. Press play, go on vacation and start seeing new leads enter your inbox
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